What Is the Best Way to Earn Gold and Use It to Strengthen Your Character in World of Warcraft Classic

What Is the Best Way to Earn Gold and Use It to Strengthen Your Character in World of Warcraft Classic

WoW classic, or WOTLK, is a full-fledged project from the Blizzard company, which gained its popularity due to the return of the old but very popular update Wrath of the Lich King, which was extremely popular in the 2000s and collected peak online among players who love first of all, hardcore in its gameplay.

The difference between the classic version and the updated one is the difficulty of leveling up and earning gold, the cost of death and loss of experience, and the strength of effort to obtain truly valuable equipment.

The subtlety and difference lies in the fact that due to the rate of pumping in the main version, the player can partially neglect improving equipment since an increase in levels requires updating equipment too often, but since the increase occurs very quickly, it is worth updating your capabilities as the hero radically transitions to a new level, for example 60 when sent to the Dragon Islands.

There is no such thing in WOTLK and you need to literally cling to each level and accumulate gold, materials and equipment and not throw them away unless absolutely necessary.

Several methods of earning money, buying gold and skycoach.gg can will help you with this. This will form your balance and the ability to strengthen the hero at all stages of his development.

Ways to Earn Gold in Wotlk

Ways to Earn Gold in Wotlk

  • Quests
  • Grind
  • Professions
  • Buying gold


Quests - earning gold in Wrath of the Lich King

This is one of the main mechanics and features of World of Warcraft, which significantly increases the rate of development of any hero, which must be combined with other mechanics in order to receive a stable percentage increase for leveling up and earning World of Warcraft Classic gold.

It’s simple – you carry out orders to destroy monsters and transfer items that are required by NPCs, and in return you receive gold, experience and various materials, if they are provided as part of the quest reward.

All tasks can be divided into two types – plot and secondary.

Story quests are closely related to the history of Azeroth, which you can study, but this is not the main thing. First of all, such quests are needed for an increased increase in gold and experience, which is difficult to obtain in any other way and at the same time.

Often, story tasks consist of chains of orders that move from quest to quest and allow you to consistently bring a lot of experience and gold.

The most important advantage that quests have is their versatility for all types of classes.

Even a healer or a magician will receive the same reward, but if the magician can choose grinding as a source of development, then the healer needs a constant reward for his efforts due to the weak damage. That is, if the task is to destroy 100 monsters, then the healer will take longer to complete it than others, but will still receive a lot of experience and gold, along with the others, and this is the main advantage of the tasks.

Secondary quests are scattered throughout Azeroth and are often insignificant and not very valuable individually, but if you can combine them with the main ones and complete them in one location, then you can easily get an increase in WOTLK gold and experience.

Buying Gold

Buying Gold

You can always buy WoW classic gold from the professional Skycoach service to improve your financial situation and buy everything you need to increase your damage for pumping and increase the level of protection for raids and other activities.

You simply place an order on the Skycoach service website, and the staff will do the rest.

The transaction takes place quickly and safely with a complete imitation of a classic trade between two players, to disguise the operation from the attention of the game administration.

The service’s task is to make the deal too similar to an exchange for the game administration, because if they see doubtful moments for themselves, they will never impose game sanctions in order to prevent erroneous accusations.


grind - earning gold in Wrath of the Lich King

This is a way to primarily earn World of Warcraft gold by destroying monsters and obtaining materials and coins.

Finding the best location for grinding and, accordingly, character development is not difficult, and often you are directed to such a quest system, which the developers created in order to guide and train players without creating additional difficulties and discomfort for them.

After completing the task, you just need to stay in the location and continue to destroy profitable monsters until you outgrow them and move to new lands, having first closed all quests.

Keep in mind that grinding is primarily effective for attacking classes that can quickly kill single and group targets and do not spend a large amount of resources for this.

For example, a hunter who can use the mechanics of summoning beasts or archery will easily kill monsters without spending critical resources.

The mage will also destroy group targets, but will periodically stop to generate mana, without which he cannot strike.

The healer will take so long to kill monsters that it’s just an ineffective waste of time. The only exception will be hunting in a group, when you will help a conditional warrior and restore his health in exchange for leveling up.

You can, of course, go for a conventional trick, buy World of Warcraft Wrath of The Lich King gold and strengthen your hero with the help of good weapons that you buy on the trading platform.


You can earn a lot of WOTLK gold through the profession system, which is especially in demand in such a complex and slow version of WoW as Classic. You can choose two optimal formats for accumulating gold based on the system of only two options for professions that you can choose.

Two gathering professions is a format in which you use two mechanics at once to collect resources for its next resale to artisans who engage in crafting.

The second option is that you use related professions that allow you to extract resources and immediately use them for sale to produce items to strengthen your own hero, or for sale to other players to obtain gold in World of Warcraft Classic.

Take rock processing and blacksmithing to fully create melee weapons for many classes and heavy armor in order to provide yourself if necessary and sell many goods to other players, providing yourself with a supply of gold and a new activity for farming resources for new production.

You can also combine leatherworking and skinning to work with leather, light armor, and bows. For magicians, there is tailoring and inscription.

In WoW Classic, with their constant and unstable source of experience and gold, it is the professions that allow you to steadily receive an increase in finances and turn it into an entire activity that will develop slowly, but in the future will bring its fruits and benefits.